Willem’s Dutch Pancakes now open!

Food quality is very important to the culinary talents working at Willem’s who’s only wish is to serve you the best and most tasty products. In search of exceptional ingredients for their pancakes, they ran into a Dutch producer called “Den Hoge Wiek”. They produce flour with the same craftsmanship as renowned Dutch miller, Willem van Tooren, dating back to 1884.


With an enormous amount of hard work (and the help of strong winds), Van Tooren refined this grain into the finest flour. Willem and his wife, Mientje, started utilizing the mill-made flour for baking and soon after realized they had a savory product that brought the entire village to their tables.


The mill refined flour method discovered nearly a century and a half ago is still used today by flour producer “Den Hoge Wiek”. They have provided a means for us to bring it to you right here in Aruba! You will enjoy the exquisite and historic taste of Willem’s pancakes.

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