MooMba’s ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’ 2021 with a twist!

If we ever deserved a fresh start to the new year, it is now. So, let us start this new year nice and refreshed! With the ‘Nieuwjaarsduik 2GO’ (New Year’s Plunge): 30oz bottle of real Caribbean seawater for the perfect home plunge. Because if you cannot come to the Unox Nieuwjaarsduik, then the Unox Nieuwjaarsduik will come to you!

Limited supplies
Reserve your ‘Unox Nieuwjaarsduik’ package including real seawater and the orange Unox hat (limited availability). And send us a nice video of how you will experience your ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’ in Aruba on January 1, 2021.

Your own plunge kit
Your do-it-your-own ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’ is easy to do. Just unscrew the special bottle of fresh Aruba seawater, lift your arm and pour the bottle down on yourself or someone else. Oh… and do not forget to be wearing your orange Unox hat! Serving tip: chilled!

Upload your video
Of course, you want to document this historical ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’ and share your funny or challenging effort with the rest of the world. Add the hashtag #nieuwjaarsduikaruba to your video and post. It’s that easy!

Stay safe!
These are challenging times for everyone, and we hope that you and your family are doing well. Of course, we think it is important to practice social distance due to COVID-19 and the traditional ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’ at MooMba Beach with about 1,600 people is just too risky for everyone’s health. Therefor we believe the do-it-yourself is the perfect solution. It is as we like to say: If you cannot come to the ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’, we bring the ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’ to you. Go Splash Yourself!

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