The strongest men of Aruba will compete again!

The fifth edition of the Strongest Man of Aruba competition will be held and this year at Surfside Beach Bar! Held from Friday October 8th until Sunday October 10th starting at 5pm, Surfside beach will be a showcase of sheer willpower, incredible strength, trembling muscles, bulging biceps and other well-trained body parts. Judges will have a difficult task, judging game elements like Beer Keg Throw, Truck Pull, Atlas & Husafell Stones, Lock & Dead Lift and Farmer’s Carry to get to their conclusion of who is the winner. The event is open to men in the following weight categories: <90kg and >90kg. In total the astonishing amount of AWG 4.000,00 can be won and of course there will be medals and trophies. Who will be the strongest this year?

During the competition, Surfside Beach Bar will be ready to receive loads of fans, family members and friends of the athletes. The beach will be well-lit in the areas where the competitions take place; there will be a special bar on the beach, live music every evening as well as daily bands and DJ’s. On Sunday the participants are in for a surprise, as they are required to navigate a track during which a combination of various elements should be performed.

The Strongest Man of Aruba 2021 is powered by Nagico, the Dutch Marine Base in Savaneta and Amstel Bright.

The sign-up fee is 50 florins per person. Participants can already register by email: or WhatsApp +297 593 9955. Visit the website:


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