Top Chef Aruba

Searching for Aruba’s Top Chef

During the month of November, 9 chefs in Aruba will battle for the title of ‘Top Chef Aruba’. Each chef has created a signature dish, which is featured as special at the chef’s restaurant for just 29,50 florins per plate every day of the month of November. It’s a competition and there can only be one winner. So, you are the judge and by voting, you have a great chance to win a $1,000 VIP dinner with the winning chef.

Eat, Vote and Win is the name of the campaign. These plates are available for a very appealing price of 29,50 florins (US$ 17.00) every day in November. Once you enjoyed this dinner or lunch, go to the website where you can leave your vote for your favorite chef and give that chef a rating. By doing so, you participate in the daily prizes – a bucket of Chill – as well as the main prize: a $1,000 valued private VIP dinner for 4 people with the winning chef (wine pairing included).

The competing chefs are Bryan Bottse (Café the Plaza), Orlando Escalona (, Bruno Santos (Fishes & More), Nando Meijer (Hadicurari), Ewen van Seumeren (MooMba Beach), Coliene Kievit (Nos Clubhuis), Ries Helsdingen (Que Pasa), Pedro Ferrandiz (Salt & Pepper) and Javier Troconis Toyo (Tango Argentine Grill). Each chef has created a unique plate based on their personal inspiration. These stories behind the plates can be read at, where you will also find pictures.

The Top Chef competition is supported by local partners: Divino (Berringer wines), Tropical Bottling ( Balashi & Chill) and ASD (ChefWorks).

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