Mix & Match is the name of the game during the King of Cocktails bartender competition!

Forget everything you know about the conventional bartending competition. The ultimate bartender championship is here! From March 19th till March 31st 12 bartenders throughout Aruba will participate in a competition designed to test the ‘Skills that Pay the Bills’ and prove their competency in all aspects of what it takes to be a top cocktail creator. You are the judge! Do not worry, you do not have to be a pro-drinker to enjoy this battle — if you love cocktails, you have what it takes to be a juror. It is simple, and awesome!!

Each bartender will create a signature cocktail which will be available at his/her bar or restaurant. You can be the judge by ordering the cocktail and by leaving your vote on Once you have voted, you simultaneously have entered the raffle for $100, $50 and $25 gift certificates. In addition to your vote, a professional jury of mixologists will also rate the cocktails. is also the place where you can learn everything about the special cocktails, from the used ingredients to background information on the bartender.

Use promo code KING05 to claim $5 discount on the signature cocktails. You can either enter this promo code when making a reservation or share it verbally with your bartender or waiter upon ordering.

The competing bartenders are Maryleen Ras (Caf the Plaza), Yaya Helder (Fishes & More), Gerson Albay (Hadicurari), Teun van Duin (MooMba Beach), Danny Kock (MooMba Beach), Johan de Beer (Nos Clubhuis), Denilson Geerman (Que Pasa), Roy van de Heuvel (Salt & Pepper), Tatiana Villa (Sopranos Piano Bar), JP Nahar (Surfside Beach Bar), Brandon Montes (Tango Argentine Grill) and Naomi ter Wal (Willem’s Dutch Pancakes).

Who will be the King or Queen of Cocktails? Cheers!

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