Aruba Wine and Dine Charity Foundation helped a family in despair

Earlier this week a team of volunteers from Aruba Wine and Dine Hospitality Group came together to assist with a human tragedy. Word came in through the Aruba Wine and Dine Charity foundation that a family house In Wayaka had a roof in such bad shape, that rainwater was pouring in dramatically and leaving the family in misery. Wet floors, wet walls and even wetter children’s bedrooms. Technicians, restaurant staff and office staff of the hospitality group came together and offered their assistance. After a quick assessment, the needed repair materials were purchased and within one day of intense efforts, the complete roof was renewed.

“It was very satisfying that we have been able to assist this family during such a difficult time for them. It was simply heartbreaking to see that the children had to live in such problematic circumstances”, says Fabian Lantinga, Director of Operations at Aruba Wine and Dine. “When we got word of it, it was easy to gather a group of volunteers within our company. It’s as they say, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’.”

For many years the Aruba Wine and Dine Charity Foundation has been structurally involved in many projects, like supporting elderly homes, handicapped people in Aruba, Adopt an Addict, obesity foundations and is an official partner of the Aruba Red Cross.


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